The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) could lead to boosted cyber attacks that we are still unable dealing with. Whereas, such attacks could be far off and many of the experts believe that these could take place much sooner.

The Hacking’s Future!

There many benefits that arrive with the implementation and adoption of the Artificial Intelligence (AI). But somewhere, the experts believe that such a widespread acceptance will lead to some far effective and far dangerous cyber attacks. And that, they will be happening soon.

At the current year’s Balck Hat Cybersecurity conference, nearly about 100 attendees were polled about various aspects of artificial intelligence. And nearly about 62 percent of people believe that the Artificial Intelligence will be misused by the hackers in the next twelve years. In spite of the idea that Artificial Intelligence would be the best defense against such major attacks; it’s increasing availability would lead to more advanced hacking techniques.

Hackers have already hacked into a wide number of institutions and have disorganized the lives of many people. During the last November, hospitals in the UK were badly affected by cyber attacks that probably lead to a shutdown of three facilities with a number of scheduled surgeries to be canceled. Ukraine’s power grid has been affected multiple times prompting the US to look into its own system behind the power grid and eliminating any of the potential weaknesses.

As the IOT adds new devices every day we can also see a potential growth in the AI hacks and that too exponentially larger. Elon Musk and the CEO of Tesla have already discussed the challenges and dangers associated with the advancement of AI at multiple occasions referring AI as the biggest threat to the human society. Not only the discussions, they have also urged the world leaders for imposing some regulations before it goes too late.


Associate Director of the NDSU Institute for Cyber Security Education and Research; Jeremy Straub has explained how the use of AI could help in advancing the cyber attacks. A compared to the humans who possibly need food, sleep, and the rest other things that appoint limitations. The AI can act at any time and don’t need breaks. The artificial intelligence is also capable of processing a very large amount of data quickly. Thereby, making attacks on the databases that are faster and far easier to accomplish.

Even if the AI get to face the challenges in opposition to the programming specific to the vulnerabilities, the AI is capable of adapting quickly and more effectively than any other human can and is also capable of performing well even without the human inputs. Humans that try defending against the cyber attacks are much likely to be outmatched by AI and will be unable of meeting up the speed at which it operates.

Straub states that “the start of an AI arms race involving hackers and cybersecurity experts, with all attempting to make better AI capable of outperforming the competition”. This will definitely lead to larger attacks and the possibility of attacks that could move out of control.


Apart from the potential dangers AI possess, it should be considered that no one is expecting and waiting for the worst to happen. Whereas, a number of people have already spoken up in opposition to the Elon Musk’s statements; stating that the CEO’s statements are leading things to the wrong scenario. All these discussions are leading an open conversation to take place and promote debating against the people’s future with AI.