The Foundation

The laboratories were found in the year 1998 with the goal is to provide patients and the practitioners with members and reliable laboratory test results. Since then we have strived to be the best leading European’s lab test distributors.

The laboratory’s commitment is providing the highest quality evaluations that allow them in serving their clients from Scandinavia to Spain and the US to the UK, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and South Africa as well. They always assist their clients with prompt tests and are offered with a consistent access to the highly qualified members of the Nordic team that is capable of assisting them with their expertise. Being a part of the Nordic group of companies they are determined on incorporating a functional medicine approach to modern medicine. This is the passion that totally reflects throughout the company.

The Laboratories

Each body is exclusive. Thus, the present health care model of standardized treatment for people is not the suitable way of addressing healthcare. Nordic Laboratories promote the functional medicine view of healthcare as well as the preventative that are not generalized and reactionary limited. The laboratory’s aim is to fortify health, help people in leading a healthy life and preventing disease. For most of the patients, it means working with his or her practice for developing a good diet, plan, and treatments that are routine specific. People at Nordic Laboratories believe that the patient-practitioner relationship is the utmost care. The lab believes that their Laboratory tests reveal who they really are- physically unique individuals, the sum of many biochemical systems. The study of such fabulous systems grants us the perspective about how we live and how we feel it.

The Clinical Science

The laboratory’s staff has deployed more than 15 years working on to develop and provide the most trustworthy results and the scientifically validated laboratory tests on the functional medicine market. Most of the laboratories focus on their skills that move strictly around the scientific rationale however the lab keeps up with the scientific validity while knowing that it is essential to have the clinical expertise. With the help of their own practice; the Nordic Clinic, the laboratory was able to qualify the validity of the range of tests that they offer. Due to these qualities, the lab is capable of offering a wide range of evaluations, that may include genetics, autism, hormonal dysfunction, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal conditions, food allergy, detoxification, and cardiovascular problems.
With the help of a number of years of practice they have captured a wide range of experience, providing testing, results, working with diverse laboratories, and assistance to practitioners over the globe. We are still stuck to the end goal of successful patient treatment. Hence, the lab strives to provide the most scientifically proven, accurate and reliable tests to our clients.

For Practitioners and For Their Patients

Lab test arrangements are currently utilized by medicinal specialists in all fields. In the case of considering treatment for a world-class competitor or a patient enduring a ceaseless ailment, these tests are pathways to an ideal execution and wellbeing.
Nordic Laboratories has for some time been worried about enhancing the lives of seriously sick patients. They’ve since extended their look to those in the evident apex of wellbeing. These people could be the Olympic gold-medalists, repeat tri-athletes, and world-record-holding free divers. Most of our tests offer the way to alleviation for those in torment, and the way to pick up for those searching for that athletic high ground.

The Method, Focus, and Quality Assurance

Nordic Laboratories supplies experts with clinical lab testing. They strongly survey the providing lab, to guarantee that they’re meeting the most elevated gauges, including highest control, and exact, precise outcomes. Most testing research facilities claim to be capable, be that as it may, they don’t all convey the dependable outcomes they guarantee. Along these lines, the due steady process comes from their responsibility regarding their customers.