It is believed that the third pyramid structure is becoming an interface that is essential for Brain-To-Brain communications. This ultimate sculpture reads your thoughts and it reacts as in the manner that it gets connected with someone else’s brain. 2ch looks exactly like a low budget sci-fi show. That has been featured recently Prosthetic Knowledge. It is actually a pyramid that is filled with hoses, motors, and screens.

And it moans a language that no one can possibly speak up. However, such an art project has a much greater purpose: Whereas, most of the computer interfaces like the mouses, and keyboards are designed in a way that they later connect your brain with the machines. Where 2ch is meant and developed in such a way that it has to be look something, somewhere; that is like a brain-to-brain interface- is stated by the artist Dmitry Morozov.

In 2ch, the machine isn’t the end point of the thoughts nut it actually works as the mediator between one person to the another. That performs the role of a connecting bridge from one end to the other. This may sound like the existing technologies that come to the mind- like the telephone. But the question that arises is, what’s that difference about 2ch; it is that the machine uses an EEG reader that is actually a skull worn sensor that would be helpful in measuring the electricity into your brain. It is helpful in measuring your brainwaves, essentially reading your thoughts. Later, two different users can connect, at the same time; to the machine at once by wearing the headsets. Each of which tries to coax their half of the machine into the working tandem with another. This is achieved by matching the same, lining up some robotic arms, or later on playing some abstract video in the sync and the list goes on.

There are no such tutorials available that will make how to think upon these little things happen, moreover, such a learning method for communicating with your mind with someone else necessitates time. Morozov states that- “It takes around two to three hours to get some clear result, but you feel changes even from the beginning.” It’s always good to be in a mood to work with the same and should not feel tired or may be irritated. On the other hand, situations like anger or other strange behaviors of mind could be fun as well.

When it came on asking Morozov whether or if he does not imagine 2ch as a forerunner to the mind connected computers to come. Later, Morozov stretches that how far off we are from such a great thing. From his vast experience, we might need more than EEG and later, we may also need deeper MRI scans, some eye-tracking devices and some of the various technologies that have not yet come into existence. So that it could adequately connect our mind to a computer. It also lets alone directly to someone else’s mind ensuring an interfaces loop in some of these ideas. Whereas it was already mentioned that 2ch was also actually built and was not as an esoteric art project, but installations in the great Sochi’s Sirius Educational Center that is a school for the gifted students. Here, Morozov has again stated that- “maybe someday one of them, or many of them, will start to work with cognitive science and invent something smart based on the inspiration from my artwork.”