The company is an equipment manufacturer that strictly focuses on radio frequency, laser, cryotherapy, and advanced ultrasound technologies and their use in the aesthetic and non-surgical health-related applications. Cryotech Nordic Ltd. has also managed to develop a unique range of industrial cryo cooling solutions.

CTN has combined 40 years of experience with advanced high tech solutions and the system integration. The company has a team of experienced professionals that have expertise in both the aesthetic equipment industries and as well as the high tech equipment industries. They have huge experience with international business administration and development.

The technology team of CTN is being led by international business administration and development. The company’s R&D team consists of both young innovators as well as seasoned high-tech professionals. Together they form a terrifying force, that is capable of creating next-generation solutions without compromising performance and reliability.

Finland has a centuries-old tradition in the use of sub-zero temperatures to enhance health and physical appearance. Ice swimming is probably the first and oldest way to use extreme cold temperatures to our physical and aesthetic benefit. The CTN R&D Center in Finland ensures our clients the latest and thoroughly tested non-surgical anti-age technologies.


CRYOTHERAPY is used for treating a variety of benign and malignant tissue damage, that is medically called as lesions. The word came from the Greek word cryo meaning cold, and therapy meaning cure. The closest use of the term is referred to as the surgical treatment that is specifically known as cryosurgery or CRYOTHERAPY. It is an application of the extreme cold to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue and is widely used for treating skin conditions. The therapy is extremely used most commonly for treating diseased skin conditions. Either via soft tissue damage or postoperative swelling; cryotherapy is used for relieving muscle pain, sprains, and swelling.

Exposing the whole body to sub-zero degrees temperature and reaching down to -160 degrees Celsius. This ultimate 3-minute session offers many health-enhancing benefits like:
asthma, deficiencies, post-surgical healing, depression, fatigue. It also helps in reducing the levels of lactic acid in the blood that goes from almost immediately to the normal levels and the severe disorders skin allergies to psoriasis.


This ultimate CryoCabin is full of ultimate features that helps in offering best experience and results to your clients safely. This revolutionizing body recovery device has some of the awesome specifications like thermal imaging camera that is so far optional, 10″ HD display for thermal image, sleek 19″ HD touchscreen AIO computer, exterior and interior colors can be customised, easy access maintenance door, H259cm / W88cm and D132cm / 300kg, levelling casters with wheels.

The devices are wireless and can be supported, maintained and remote diagnostic through WIFI. It is also Gas Efficient, that means it has regulated valve control system that means less consumption for any of the average session. The ease of control of the device lets you use a fully automated session control with active circulation. That later creates a balanced cabin temperature. While in patented tech the vortex cooling makes the vapor flow around the body, instead of directly at the body. The design of the device is superior and a 19″ HD touchscreen panel with an optional thermal imaging camera and 10″ display is installed. Unlike other devices, this ultimate device also comes up with advanced safety features like the ultrasonic head sensor, dual emergency shut-off, active circulation and active ventilation.