Gaël Duval
, Software engineer, Entrepreneur stated that- “In 1998, I created Mandrake Linux, because I was both a Linux fan and didn’t like Windows Operating System fan on the desktop. It’s been a long time, and I’m very happy I’ve been one of the actors who contributed to making the Linux desktop possible, even though it didn’t completely succeed. Since then, the smartphone has emerged. And it’s now a “companion of life” for many of us. On my side, I’ve been using Apple iPhones exclusively, since 2007. The main reason behind this choice is that I like iOS. It covers my needs, it looks great and elegant, and I find it very intuitive to use”.

He stated that in the past few years he moved from Linux desktop to MacOS. There always had been a professional reason behind it; as he often needed a professional XCode for building iOS applications. Also, it had been very easy and convenient to use in conjunction with many other Apple devices. He also stated that it is much easier now as he can also get his text messages over MacOS, it east to answer a call handsfree and that it also makes easier for synchronizing notes across devices.

Moreover, he was not using Linux anymore as one of his main operating systems but he was using a curable operating system on his smartphone. He was also using Google more and more with the passage of each day. Not only the search engine but also the tools like Google Mail, Google Drive, and Google Docs.

The Situation wasn’t Making him Happy

He was, however, not happy with the situation as iOS has been a proprietary where he always preferred using an Open Source Software. Moreover, Apple is getting more and more crazy with their latest products that are not really exciting but expensive. In his opinion, these products also have many design issues. However, it has now become a social act buying an iPhone with the statement that goes along is: “See, I can buy it”. Additionally, buying an iPhone has now become a snob attitude and he really hates it.

Also, he states that he is not at all happy as Google has become too big and it tracks us continuously by catching a lot more information about what we are doing. They also believe in knowing us as much as possible for selling their advertising deals.

In the crowd of million others, similar to them he has also become a product of Google; he believes.

Lastly, he thinks that Apple, Google, Facebook etc. business models are really harmful to our society as well as the economic environments. Accordingly, he wants to stop all this and let people enjoy do whatever they want to. They can either choose to be voluntary slaves or independent residents. Moreover, his opinion goes with that he does not want such situations anymore.

Reconquering Privacy

He also has stated that he wants to Reconquer his Privacy as his data is only his data and he wants to use Open Source Software as much as possible. He has also shown his interest in looking out for few tools like office, and email services that don’t support google.

Additionally, he had stated that “I know about a few initiatives, in particular, “PureOS” is very interesting and appealing if you want a 100% pure-Free Software. But that is definitely not something I would use daily, at least not in its current state. I need something I could even recommend to my parents or my children. Something appealing, with guarantees for more privacy. Something that we could build in a reasonable amount of time, something that will get better and better over time.”

In accordance with this, he started building something new! “eelo
He started working on something that is a totally open source and really attractive tool. He believed that it is, of course, attractive for me, but could be attractive to a few others as well.