This beautiful girl, Saya, has taken the internet by storm and this is not because of any of the great feats done by her, but simply because of her existence. She remains dressed in school uniform with eyebrows covering bangs. She looks none less than an ideal Japanese schoolgirl beauty.

Saya: A computer-generated school girl created by Japanese artists Teruyuki Ishikawa and Yuka Ishikawa.

Japanese artists Teruyuki Ishikawa & Yuka Ishikawa have given birth to Saya, and she’s remarkably amazing. Regardless of how real she may appear, she isn’t real. Somewhat, she is just a computer-generated interpretation of a school girl.

Telkuya started this project of Saya in the year 2015, and they constantly been working to improve her and make her look to the next level of perfection. However, they are working on making her look more detailed and more life-like.

Saya isn’t a human!

Yes, you read right! She isn’t a real girl nor she is a boy, although her assigned gender is female. She is a virtual character that was designed by a 3D computer graphic artists from Tokyo. She is completely a computer-generated character, and that her incredibly lifelike appearance confuses almost anyone. The amount of detailing to her photos can confuse any human to judge if she is computer generated.

From her hair strands to her scalp, the detailing given to the eyes, the expressions she has in her eyes, the texture of her skin and even the clothes that she wears look real. Even if anyone tries to compare the pictures of a human taken from a top of the line smartphone cameras or standard digital cameras, it makes people think that the images of Saya look more real.

About the Creators

The creators of Saya, Yuka Ishikawa and husband Teruyuki Ishikawa, kept working slowly on Saya in their spare time. However, she was not one of the jobs that they do, it was just a part-time passion for both of them. They stated that a number of 3D modeling tools were used in the creation of Saya. The list included the Maya 3D modeling software that is widely used for producing visual effects in movies.

The Ishikawa’s stated that they have been in the creation of making real-looking CGIs for many years but this time, the making of Saya was one of the most difficult creations for them. They revealed in one of their tweets that it was almost impossible to achieve the perfect skin tone for Saya. There are many intricacies to the human portraiture that require a lot of attention and meticulous work. In their tweets, they have also stated that it was really difficult for us to work on the creation of Saya in between our jobs.

For those who have now become fans of her, it should be exciting to know that she will not simply be left as an image forever. According to the Ishikawa, there is a plan to give her own movie, albeit self-produced. If there are interested producers, though, it’s not impossible for Saya to star in a major movie to be shown in mainstream Japanese theaters, or even internationally. There’s also a plan to create realistic-looking armor upgrades for Saya.

CGI Tech Advancement?

The idea for something like this being featured on a tech blog here is that it’s not that we really need drastic improvements in technology to achieve impressive creations. The software used by the Ishikawa are not breakthroughs in 3D rendering. It’s even unlikely that they used the most recent updated versions of the software they employed in creating Saya. Also, they didn’t have to make use of highly advanced machines like a quantum computer to make up for the intensive computing requirements of 3D development. It’s just mere ingenuity, creativity, and talent.