Microsoft has communicated its belief in the past that Quantum Computing could change our tech industry forever. The organization has just begun contributing its share in the development.

Last, Microsoft launched its quantum programming language called Q#. Presently, it’s again in the news with the new open source project called Quantum Katas intended to “teach you elements of quantum computing and Q# computing.”

Quantum Katas includes a few undertakings, each called a Kata. These incorporate fundamental quantum registering doors, superposition, Measurements, and Deutsch-Jozsa calculation.

As per Microsoft, each kata is a different project offering a sequence of tasks about a specific quantum computing topic. Clearly, there is coding in the picture, going from only a solitary line to a sizable section of code. There is a testing system that gives real-time feedback.

The insights about the self-managed instructional exercise are accessible on its GitHub repo from where you can get all the expected stuff to get started. It requires to have the Quantum Development Kit installed on your Windows 10, Linux, or macOS machine.

Along these lines, proceed in the event that you need to try it out since programming rivalries testing quantum computing skills are a thing now. 

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