It's not a dream to achieve immortality by 2045, but scientists are working on it. The goal was the main focus of the conference in Moscow. The benefits and challenges of immortality were discussed at the conference.

The potential benefits of immortality are enormous. It is possible that it is the end of death and illness. Defining immortality would mean that people could have no fear of diseases that are related to age. People would be able to enjoy life more if it was possible.

Futuristics at the conference talked about how to achieve immortality. There is a chance that it will result in a huge population explosion. According to this anecdote, the increase in lifespan will mean more people and therefore more resources on the planet. There is another challenge that immortality can have on creativity. Without death people don't feel they need to create.

The ethical implications of immortality were discussed at the conference. Some people are concerned that an equal distribution of resources might be possible with immortality. Some worry that immortality could lead to a decrease in the respect for life and the increase in crime.

The 2045 Strategic Social Initiative Conference was a great look at the benefits and challenges of immortality. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered before this goal can be achieved. It could have a huge impact on the world if it is achieved.